Track entosis nodes, positions of entosis ships and the entosis progress on a handy map

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Active & Upcoming Entosis Timers
Structure System Region Alliance Timer Score
TCU E1-4YH Catch The BadAzz Alliance Map »
IHUB E1-4YH Catch The BadAzz Alliance Map »
IHUB NK-VTL Etherium Reach Solyaris Chtonium Map »
TCU WAC-HW Esoteria The Bastion Map »
IHUB J5A-IX Fountain Out of the Blue. Map »
IHUB KQK1-2 Pure Blind Fraternity. Map »
IHUB H-P4LB Feythabolis Legion of xXDEATHXx Map »
IHUB YI-GV6 Wicked Creek Legion of xXDEATHXx Map »
TCU RBW-8G Esoteria The Bastion Map »


Node Tracking

EntosisMap aims to be your #1 solution for Entosis node tracking, displaying reported nodes in a table as well as visualizing them on the constellation map.

Granular Scopes

Tired of Eve apps that ask you to give them more permissions than you think they need? With EntosisMap you choose which scopes you want to grant and which you want to disable.

Service integration

EntosisMap seamlessly integrates your favorite external services as well as ingame API functions into its interface for best convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can access my submitted information? Nodes are shared between members of the same alliance and nobody else.

Q: Can't you see the information in your database? Why should I trust you with combat relevant information? Technically I do have access to that information. However, I have not yet scammed or otherwise betrayed anyone in this game, nor do I plan to.
Moreover, doing so would violate the Eve developer EULA which says that applications can not be used "(c) as a means of tracking Player information or Player activity without the express knowledge and consent of such Player, (d) as a means to misappropriate a Player's in-game items or other information, or to otherwise cheat, scam, or defraud Players who subscribe to the Application."
I very much prefer not risking my account over some entosis timers.

Q: I still don't trust you, can I install my own instance? Once EntosisMap leaves beta I will release it as open source, meaning everyone will be free to host their own instance of it.

Q: I have found a bug or have some other feedback, how can I contact you? You can send me an Evemail on my main Nimos Endashi or message me on discord at Nimos#4951

Technology stack

  • Django as a backend framework
  • MySQL as a database engine
  • Eve's ESI API to grab game information
  • Eve's OAuth2 API for authentication
  • Bootstrap as a general CSS framework
  • Less.js as a CSS preprocessor
  • jQuery as a javascript framework